Saturday, March 3, 2012

Frank Brown Inter'l Songwriters Festival

The festival is dedicated to the late Frank Brown, who was night watchman at the Flora~Bama for 28 years, and whose moral values, integrity and strength of character still endure . Mr. Frank, as he was known by all, ( was 91 years old when he retired) was featured on Paul Harvey's syndicated radio show, "The Rest of the Story."
At the club, Mr. Frank wore a pair of matched revolvers, slung low, but he didn't have to use them. Usually it was enough to say, "Now, you boys don't have to be like that. What would yo' mamma say?" All the regulars knew and respected him. He was as much a part of the Bama as the sunrise was a part of the night. He didn't worry too much about material things. He thought: success is when a man gets what he wants, happiness is when a man wants what he's got. He was in his glory, just staying around listening to the music. He was the last person the performers saw at closing time. Mr. Frank was 95 years old when he passed away in 1988, and he left a legacy that we can all share. Some say his spirit still lives on in the celebration of the music. He still lives on today in the memories of those who were fortunate enough to have known him. The atmosphere just seems to inspire collaboration and inspiration. A lot of the songwriters are not household names, but their songs are. It is impossible to list or describe the songwriters, musicians and performers that participate in this festival. It's a living museum, that's what it is.

THE FRANK BROWN INTERNATIONAL SONGWRITERS' FESTIVAL at it's inception was an idea born to honor Mr. Frank Brown (the night watchman at the Flora~Bama Lounge) through a gathering of the writers he so loved and admired. Today the festival provides an atmosphere to promote all writers, whether they had written hit songs which made people open their eyes and view the world in a different way or they are aspiring writers and musicians who knew they could do the same but needed a forum in order to get their music out to the world. Each year the Festival grew slowly until 1996. The word had spread throughout the country that the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama was the place to be for songwriters to gather, collaborate, give birth to new music and enjoy the hospitality and memories atmosphere provided by Pensacola - Perdido Key, Florida and Orange Beach - Gulf Shores, Alabama and their respective surrounding communities. That seemed to be the turning point from a small genre to so many songwriters sending in their bios that many had to be turned away.
        Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival

The Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival is not an ordinary 'mob-scene-porta-potty festival', but an extended unique opportunity to see and hear songwriters perform the songs often made famous by others. They play in restaurants, bars and hang-outs all along the coast line. Ten days of great live music, usually for little or no cover charge. Be sure to come down for this years 10 day event....see hundreds of songwriters perform the songs they wrote that became America's big hits and hear the new songs before they become well known radio classics.Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Shores /Orange Beach /Perdido Key area at a time of the year when the crowds are gone, but the weather is lovely.

It is a wonderful time to come to the beach at one of the least busy times for an abundance of live music. You can hear and meet the songwriters that are responsible for the world famous songs you hear on the radio & music TV each day. Good music...good food...good times!

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