Friday, December 3, 2010

ISLE of ARRAN / King's Cave...

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Along the Western shore of Arran, are a series of natural caves in the sandstone rock. One of the caves is said to have been the refuge in which Robert I [the Bruce], King of Scots, had his famed encounter with a spider.

According to legend the Bruce was dejected, and on the verge of giving up trying to gain independence for Scotland from the English. While hiding out in a cave he observed a spider on one of the cave walls. The spider span a web only to have it collapse from the slippery stone. Again and again the spider built its home, never
giving up no matter how many times it failed, and eventually the web held. Bruce was said to have been inspired to try and try again against his foes and finally led the Scots to victory at Bannockburn on June 24, 1314.
Historically the caves may have been inhabited by ancient man, and there are fragile ancient carvings on the walls. These consist of early Christian religious images, and Pictish symbols. It is thought the caves were visited by early Christian travellers. The main cave has been closed off from the public by the means of a large iron gate, more information about access can be discovered at Brodick Tourist Information.
We started our walk at Shiskine Golf Club, and rather than take the shore route, we elected to go over Drumadoon Point, site of an Iron Age fort. The trail led initially alongside the picturesque golf course, rated in the top 100 in the UK. We then descended on the north side of Drumadoon and followed the shore path to King's Cave.

looking north to the King's Caves from the 'Doon Fort'.

Looking back at Drumadoon from the north side.

looking over the Kilbrannan the Kintyre peninsula.

a fairy village?

Our very good friends, Jan & Roger, on their annual  golfing week visit from the beautiful city of Lincoln, England.

Jan & Roger seem to be enjoying the walk...weeeell'2outta3'aint2bad!

the caves!

with a tunnel through

the King's Cave had been fenced  off to protect  it from vandals... HANG THE SCUM!

Here is a pre-gate photo,courtesy of a Mr.Driver. Nice one Tim!

one last look back along the shore towards Drumadoon...heading onwards and upwards.

looking north over Machrie Bay...

looking northeast over farmlands To Machrie Moor...with the northern mountains hidden in the mist...

Drumadoon from Tor Righ Mor.

the path comes out on to the road...with this sign directing walkers back in the opposite direction we came...mmm? are we backwards people?



THREE RED Royal Mail boxes in this general vicinity.

and a final picturesque bonus photo to complete our walk...bonnie lassie with pony and carriage.
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