Friday, December 3, 2010

ISLE of ARRAN / Strathwhillan...

It was soooo eeeeeeeeasy going down Pier we have to come back up this steep hill...the good news is that it's only about 300M

                                     Strathwhillan House B&B, is right on the corner of Srathwhillan Road

this is the busy blvd., that is Strathwhillan is about 1/2 mile long and dead ends into...Strathwhillan Farm.

                            and this is Strathwhillan Farm

    Splendid views of the 'Sleeping Warrior' from this vantage point.

                                        and from here

                                    the mighty Goatfell

                                   and Brodick Castle...


         this is the best place to see all of Brodick Bay's visitors...

                                          VERY NICE!

                      FLOATING  LUXURY!


                        the ferry passes this...naval vessel

                                            a visit from...

                                     Lord of the Isles

     two freighters at anchor...with Isle of Bute and Highlands beyond


                               there are about twenty houses

                                     on Strathwhillan Road

                                    with about 10 of them

                                       over 100 years old...

                                  this is Strathwhillan Lodge

                                      very nice indeed!                                

                            lots of sheep for neighbours

  this wee 1960's bungalow is kinda cute...                             

                    with lots of lovely...





                 and 2 phriendly pheasants in the back garden

         all of the following views are from the front deck...ENJOY!

  Midnight on Midsummer's just doesn't get totally dark...and it's light again by 3:30 AM...YaaaawnG'night..or..should that be G'mornin?!

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