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ISLE of ARRAN / Kilmory-Torrylinn-Lagg...

Kilmory is the main settlement in the south west of the Isle of Arran. Actually, if you look closely at a map, what usually passes for a single village actually comprises three distinct parts. The main focus is at Torrylinn, while just to its north is Kilmory. A little to the west is Lagg. Torrylinn and Lagg both sit astride the main A841 as it circumnavigates the island, at this point about
half a mile inland from the sea. It seems probable that of the three elements forming the village, Kilmory is be the oldest. This is a supposition based on the name, which comes from the Gaelic Cill Mh├│ire. This translates as "Church of the Virgin Mary", suggesting a pre-Reformation church stood here. The Kilmory Parish Church you see today was built in 1785, but this seems to have
replaced an earlier church, either on the same site or nearby, perhaps a chapel mentioned in a document dating back to 1357 (or a replacement of it).
For the visitor touring the island, two things are immediately striking about the village. The first is the bright and welcoming Lagg Hotel at the west end of this conjoined village and deep in the valley of the Kilmory Water: while the other is the Torrylinn Creamery. The Lagg Hotel offers accommodation and meals in a beautiful setting. The creamery, which is home to the famous Isle of Arran Cheese, has a viewing gallery from
which you can see production taking place. It also has a cheese shop. The Creamery buildings will never win any architectural awards, but their wonderful cheese has won many awards.


We are heading to the beach via this pretty woodland trail that leads us to...

this open path that in turn...takes us to the

Neolithic era...

Torrylinn Cairn...

where we pause to examine

the ancient stones, particularly this very interesting indented one,

then it's on to this wide secluded sandy beach to relaaaax for a few minutes,

before heading back

to visit the very very picturesque


built in 1791 as a Coaching Inn

a nice cosy wee bar to partake of an Arran brewed ale or two...of an evening

before dining in the spacious dining room...

with a window enjoy looking at the lovely gardens outside

with WOW! palm trees and tropical plants


This place is great! mmmm? I wonder who owns this lovely old hotel?

"Hello, my name is Campbell and I own this lovely old hotel, but I do employ some humans to run it for me...

so that my 'partner' and I can go ride my motorcycle, WOOF!WOOF!

this place is the absolute

perfect location for a


and all the old world trappings!

with not just one, but two prissy posturing prideful peacocks, publically pecking peanuts

on that note we'll leave this delightful spot and head on to...
                *    *    *    *    *    *   *    *    *    *    *   *   *   *   *   *

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