Friday, December 3, 2010

ISLE of ARRAN / Corrie...

Here we are in Corrie, 6 miles (9.7 km) north of Brodick. The land here rises from the sea to the summit of the 874m or 2,867ft Goatfell in a little
over two miles, making the village closely confined to the shore by the steeply rising ground behind it.  A surprising feature of Corrie is that it boasts two separate harbours, a sign of a much more industrial past. Today's
Corrie can simply seem like a very pretty drive past on the road from Brodick to Lochranza. But if you take the time to look, you do begin to appreciate an extremely charming and interesting village which has made the most of it's beautiful coastal location. It also helps to look out for some of  the detail, like the sculpture of a seal on a rock below the high tide mark  near the Corrie Hotel, and the unusual bollards found at Sandstone Quay, shaped - and painted - to resemble sheep!

One of the things that...

I love about Corrie

is it's 'funky quirky' features




'Fuschia Cottage' just like something out of a fairy tale...

DON'T JUMP! Is this little lost sheep...getting ready to leap into the deep?!

'wee puffer' at dockside

Fooled me didn't it?! It's a sheep bollard!

I bet it didn't fool our kool kayaker!

note the unpaved tracks...this is High Corrie...

located in the hills above Corrie...long favoured by artists...was home to
Robert McLellan.

back down to [lower]Corrie...a really lovely and very charming village...

Corrie Hotel

built in 1894



Maybe quirkiest of all...a Dr McCredy had this bath cut into the rocks on the shore at Corrie in 1835 to treat his patients with seawater therapy from the  high tide waters. It measures 12ft long and 5ft wide and is 5ft deep.

No word on how effective it was...or how many of his patients died of hyporthermia...

more red sandstone beaches

real deal seal?

or steel seal?

you be the judge!

more interesting rocks line the shore and some really

BIG rocks line the road!

we now bid a fond farewell  to our kool kayak voyagers

as we head past Pirate's Cove and back towards Brodick....

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