Friday, December 3, 2010

ISLE of ARRAN / Goatfell and Mountains...

What lovely blue skies! A really perfect day to climb Goatfell. While not reaching the magic 3000ft mark for Munro status...Goatfell (2868ft), rising straight from sea level, offers a more challenging day's climb than most Munros. Let's do it!

    sooo nice of these young folks to show us the path up to Goatfell

                    It feels like we have been walking forever...

     still a long way to go, and what happened to that nice blue sky?

                                      time for a wee snack

       this adder better not get between Carol and her snack!

                           DAMN! Where did this MIST come from?    


                 BIG final climb over BIG rocks

                   aaaarrgh...we climbed all this way for this?

                   Well let's at least get our ROCKY photo shot...

             visibility getting worse...almost mist these folks...

    just one of the many fantastic views that we should have enjoyed!

            sooo cool climber enjoys this great view

    sob-sob, a final look at the fabulous, sob-sob, view that we MIST!

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