Friday, December 3, 2010

ISLE of ARRAN / Dougarie-Pirnmill...

Dougarie Estate dates back to the mid 19th century when the then Duke of Hamilton chose Dougarie to build his Summerhouse. (Their main island residence was Brodick Castle). Various farms and cottages were added over the years. Dougarie Lodge was built in 1865 and various outbuildings added over the following 50 years.

Dougarie from the air...

Dougarie Lodge

Good fishing at Iorsa Water

before it flows into the Kilbrannan Sound

the distinctive boat house



heading north again...past this roadside graveyard south of Pirnmill

we are now approaching

the village of Pirnmill

with it's

rather attractive

rocky shore

some houses

with pretty flowers

and pretty

rock plants

the old former pirnmill that gave the village it's used to make bobbins for the huge Paisley thread mills.

Pirnmill Church

the popular Lighthouse Restaurant

some new housing

and this new very basic church...

that's kind of interesting...with so many of the fine old stone churches now converted to some other purpose...


while Pirnmill may not be as postcard pretty as most of the other Arran villages...

it enjoys the same spectacular  sunsets as all of the other west coast villages!
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