Friday, December 3, 2010

ISLE of ARRAN / Blackwaterfoot...

The west coast of Arran is far less developed than the east, and the largest settlement, the small village of Blackwaterfoot, overlooks Drumadoon Bay.
The unique 12-hole Shiskine Golf Club is only a short walk from the village. The course, founded in 1896, is regarded  by many as being amongst the best 100 courses in the UK.
Blackwaterfoot, from the Kilbrannan Sound

looking north over the sandy bay and village

the Post Office is also a general store of sorts

the popular Blackwaterfoot Lodge...

is a cosy Victorian sandstone B&B and extends  a warm welcome to all  visitors

with a well stocked wee bar...

and a pair-o-pipers-a-piping in the back garden


Besides the small selection of shops and other tourist facilities, Blackwaterfoot is also home to one of the  larger hotels on Arran, in  the form of the Kinloch Hotel, overlooking the sea next to the harbour and enjoying fine views over to Kintyre.

harbour with the Kinloch Hotel in the background

high tide

low tide

with the Clauchan Water rushing under the bridge

and out into the bay...
Blackwaterfoot lies at the the western end of the "String Road" built across the centre of Arran in 1817 by Thomas Telford, the other end emerging just to the north of Brodick on Arran's east coast. A little way inland from Blackwaterfoot is Arran's only non-coastal village, Shiskine. Of particular interest here is St Molios Church, left. Let's go and take a closer look at it...
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